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Hand-made for an exceptional vision

Perfection is said to be impossible but DITA eyeglasses get as close to this as humanly possible. Using lightweight materials that are handcrafted in Japan, each pair of spectacles is the product of decades of artisanal expertise combined with innovative research and technology.  


25 years of refining their craft

Founded in 1995 by Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, the brand has always admired timeless design and the connotation of craftsmanship which comes with it. 


‘We’ve always had an appreciation for a time when people were more stylized and icons were synonymous with their eyewear.’


The first collection of DITA glasses expressed exactly this idea: they were inspired by the 50s and 60s, and the duo did extensive research in vintage stores to find shapes straight from the period. From this point on, the brand was a cult favorite. They continued their plight of creating eyewear with a retro edge, alongside their mission to work with only the best craftsmen and women in the world. In 1999 the brand established its first important relationships with some of the most skilled artisans in Japan, relationships that continue to this day. To cement this commitment, in 2018 they opened their first office there. 


Unique viewpoint

DITA prides itself on working with designers and engineers who aren’t classically trained in optics. They collaborate with people from the automobile, sculpture, and architecture worlds: this rich breadth of experience allows them to experiment with ideas, technology, and materials outside of the eyewear sector. Each product takes months of planning, before it is then printed in 3D and then further refined to achieve their vision of perfection. DITA produces in-house innovative materials such as high-grade Beta-Titanium, which is thin, durable, and extremely flexible; the DITA version is ⅓ the weight of steel. Their DITA-LAMINATE glasses use a unique lamination technique which allows them to create an extremely slender frame, with some models being only 2.3mm thick. 


Each pair has its own personality

Since 2006 the brand has been producing eyeglasses, with the first collection being directly inspired by Clark Kent style glasses. Each pair has its own unique personality and history:  the collections include classic cat-eyes that explore unusual material combinations, such inlaid Titanium rim details and acetate frames, and vintage style spectacles with frames that celebrate the goldsmiths of Ningbo, an artisanal Chinese community renowned for its gold finery. Glasses blend technical sophistication with a bold industrial design, where form always follows function and inspiration is taken from anything, even from the mechanical sophistication of German timepieces. 


Invest in eyewear that celebrates the finest craftsmanship of the world.