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Timelessly Ground-breaking


With an artisanal approach to its craft, Matsuda eyeglasses are technical masterpieces.


Inspired by Paris, Designed in Japan

The brand is the namesake of founder Mitsuhiro Matsuda who was born in Japan in the 1930s. From birth, Matsuda was involved in the art of design. His family owned a Kimono company, which prompted him to study fashion at university. As a young designer, Matsuda moved to Paris in the 60s, where he found inspiration in the beauty of Parisian industrial architecture and the city’s Gothic aesthetic. His time in Paris would become a love affair that the designer would nurture throughout his career. 


In the 70s and 80s the brand developed into a global fashion house. Blending 20th century European industrialism with traditional Japanese handcrafted techniques, the label’s popularity grew. In the late 1980s the brand launched their first eyewear collection and its steampunk aesthetic inspired Japanese pop culture throughout the 90s.


After a hiatus, the brand was relaunched in 2012. Managing to keep their tradition of craft and heritage, the label prides itself in prioritizing slow artistry over immediate design. Parisian inspirations can still be found in many of the brand’s collections. Unisex frames inspired by the machine age and innovations of the 20th century remind today’s wearers of the brand’s artistic heritage.


Cultivated Craftsmanship

At the heart of Matsuda, their dedicated approach to craftsmanship continues to separate their frames from the pack. All hand-crafted in Sabae, Japan, the brand cultivates raw materials such as Japanese titanium and cured acetate.


Every intricate detail matters. Exemplifying a lifelong commitment to quality, all materials go through hours of polishing through traditional techniques such as drum, machine and hand polishing. With over 50 years of heritage and history, the creation of every frame goes through a devoted process of 250 stages from design, production to assembly.