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Antique inspiration, modern expression


Founded by seasoned eyewear experts Tommy O’Gara and Shinsuke Takizawa, the Native Sons was born out of a passion for the aesthetics of postwar expressionism and industrial design.   


Made in Sabae, Japan, each frame is passed through an estimated 144 hands for a well-balanced silhouette. Featuring titanium cores with 16k gold plated core wires and 4 barrel hinges, all models are finished in antique plating. Crafted in plant-based acetate derived from cotton oils provides shine and gloss, each pair of Native Sons eyeglasses showcases a new way of living. 


With their dedicated design and unparalleled quality, these are frames that will be part of your wardrobe for years to come. Discover more about the brand in our magazine's Investment Eyewear edit.