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Eyeglasses Ic! berlin

Ic! berlin eyeglasses

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Handcrafted in Germany in pursuit of perfection

Rooted in the essence of simplicity, ic! berlin eyeglasses epitomize a minimalistic, handmade design that lets you be yourself.

The collections are made in Germany, within the innovative realm of ic! berlin’s industrial space, a place where designers, craftsmen, engineers, and visionaries create eyewear art that transcends trends, leaving all mass-manufactured eyewear behind. They use only the finest stainless steel, titanium, and acetates, cutting-edge production techniques and environmentally conscious surface finishing. Thanks to their screwless, glueless, no-hinge construction, the glasses feel extremely lightweight on the face and will last nearly forever.

If you value authentic living and the beauty of handcrafted goods that last, ic! berlin eyeglasses are definitely worth the investment.