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Timeless Shades for Modern Days

Envisioned by its heritage past, Julius Tart sunglasses imbue modern style with its vintage-inspired frames.


Traditions, Reimagined

Julius Tart optics come from the heritage of the original Julius Tart, an eyewear designer and manufacturer who founded his namesake company in New York City in the 50s.

After years of hiatus, the brand has been reinvented by the designer’s nephew and successor, Richard Tart. Newly established, the recreation of the brand showcases the family’s history as eyewear connoisseurs of carefully crafted designs.

Inspired by the golden age of New York City, the brand evokes stylish elements from the 50s and 70s, radiating a certain vintage appeal with its hand-crafted approach.


New York Roots with Japanese Craftsmanship

In vision with the brand’s origins, Richard has stayed true to his family’s legacy by maintaining documents, materials and period-correct frames that symbolized the original allure of its beginning days.

Designed and produced in Japan with quality materials, the brand showcases a selection of sunglasses in a range of acetate colors and tones. Imbued with a genderless appeal, these frames radiate the label’s history of eyewear design with its committed quality and charming touches.


Ageless Allure

Over the years the brand’s distinctive features have been a favorite for notable style icons. Worn by the likes of Bob Dylan, James Dean and JFK, their subtle retro appeal is a cult detail for fans today.