Streaming this Season: 9 films to watch on Netflix

Streaming this Season: 9 films to watch on Netflix

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Streaming this Season: 9 films to watch on Netflix
Words by Mirabella Shahidullah
October 8, 2021

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, it's the perfect time to relax for a cozy night in. With the opening of cinemas still being uncertain, this season’s releases are set up for a limited screening before heading directly to Netflix. While this might be a letdown for theater-buffs, it's a great way to keep up to date with the latest releases this season, all from the comforts of your own home.

If you love a true story

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

A detailed look in the bond between two iconic figures in history, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, this documentary produced by Kenya Barris is based off the book by the same name by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith.  From a chance encounter in the early 1960s to a private friendship which ended suddenly in an unexplained fallout, the narrative interviews various historians and theorists on the social and cultural impact X and Ali had on the struggle for Black liberation and society at large. Added to Netflix in September, you can stream it now.

14 Peaks: Nothing is impossible

In 2019, climber Nims Purja did what some thought was impossible. In just over 6 months the Nepalese mountaineer guided a team of Sherpas to the top of 14 of the world’s peaks over 8,000 meters. Purja completed the journey in October 2019, effectively setting a new world record (the previous one had taken 7 years). Set for a release at the end of November, this documentary is the gripping and intense journey about the reality of achieving such a feat.

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Record breaker Nims Purja on top of one of the world’s highest peaks.


More of a biopic than a documentary, Worth is based on What is a life worth?, Kenneth Feinberg’s biographical book. The film chronicles Feinberg, an American attorney who was given the task to negotiate and allocate compensation for the families affected by 9/11. Starring award-winning actors Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci and Lauren Benanti, this moral drama was released on Netflix last month and can be streamed now.

If you’re into thrillers

The Guilty

A remake of the popular Danish film Den skyldige, this crime thriller follows a 911 operator (Jake Gyllenhall) who answers a call unexpectedly one night from a kidnapped woman. When the line suddenly goes dead, suspension mounts as the protagonist attempts to find the victim before it's too late. This chilling film was released on October 1, just in time for Halloween.

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Jake Gyllenhal has us on the edge of our seats in his depiction of a 911 operator who receives an unsettling call.


Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate, an assassin who finds out she has less than 24 hours to live after being poisoned and befriends the daughter of an ex-target in order to finish one last job before her time is up. Set in the streets of Tokyo, this film is a high-intensity thriller with many of the actors actually performing their own stunts. Released on the platform in September, you can stream Kate now.

The Power of the Dog

A chilling story following a ranch community in 20th century Montana, The Power of the Dog is a thriller-meets-western film directed by Jane Campion. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a power-hungry cowboy, he leads a campaign against his brother’s unexpected new wife, portrayed by Kristen Dunst. The film was screened at the Venice Film Festival and will be released for streaming on December 1.

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Benedict Cumberbatch and Kristen Dunst star in this acclaimed Western drama, directed by Jane Campion.

If musicals are your thing

Tick Tick… Boom!

Marking the directorial debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tick Tick… Boom! follows an aspiring musician, Jon (Andrew Garfield) in New York City. Set on the cusp of his 30th birthday, Jon navigates love, life and his own pressures and doubts surrounding his struggling career. Releasing on Netflix on November 10.

If you’re searching for a feel good comedy

Sounds like Love

Sounds like Love comes from the best-selling Spanish series by Elísabet Benavent, telling the story of a 28 year old woman in Madrid who has a chance to reinvent herself when she scores a new role as a fashion assistant. Things seem to be coming together, until her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise reappearance in her life. Released on Netflix at the end of September, this feel good romantic comedy is sure to be a good palate cleanser after a busy week.

If you have a penchant for animation

Summit of the Gods

A French animated film directed by Patrick Imbert, the story is based on the Japanese manga Kamigami no Itadaki. This adventure starts when the protagonist, a wilderness photographer, finds a forgotten camera that belonged to George Mallory, one of the infamous missing mountaineers of Mount Everest. What follows are a series of events, as the protagonist attempts to detangle the past and uncover the truth of those first expeditions. Originally screened at the Cannes Film Festival, this animated feature film will be on Netflix on November 30.

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