Traveling without moving

Traveling without moving

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Traveling without moving
Words by Laura Averna
December 8, 2020
If you love to wander the world, these times feel especially disheartening.

Those of us who recharge through traveling have arrived at the end of the year with their batteries drained and a great nostalgia for all of the adventures we have had to postpone.

To lift our mood, there are small rituals we can perform. Like preparing our next vacation: where will we go? Whether it’s somewhere completely new or a place close to our hearts, the joy of arriving there will be indescribable.

While we wait for this to happen, music can help us cultivate our inspiration. Our first playlist is a melting pot of songs to discover and rediscover, a wandering without aim between genres and atmospheres. With the voice of Billie Holiday we are immediately in Central Park, New York with its tree-lined avenues and the fallen leaves that crunch underfoot. We next jump to the streets of Paris with Zaz’s gipsy jazz and we then find ourselves in Persia with the dynamic percussions, dreamy strings and velvety vibrato of Rostam. Junun transports us to India, led by two unusual guides: the Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead. We then move to an electronic Africa with Damon Albarn, and then back in time to a 1950s Jamaica with Harry Belafonte’s mento style.

Press shuffle and get lost in the sounds.

Photography: Ignazio Marsolo

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