On bright new beginnings in hard times

On bright new beginnings in hard times

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On bright new beginnings in hard times
Words by Laura Averna
December 14, 2020

2020 will remain in history as a year that revolutionized the way we live.

The pandemic has completely changed the order of our lives, leaving us confused and uncertain, and it is something that we will continue to talk about for a long time. However, we prefer to look at the revolutionary aspects of this period, finding that proverbial silver lining on even the darkest of clouds.

It’s not because we want to see the bright side of this situation at all costs. There are people that talk of the ‘dictatorship of optimism’, referring to those with overly confident attitudes, who are thus dismissed as being naive or unable to digest a difficult truth. But it’s a fact that the global health crisis has generated extraordinary forms of positive resistance. All of us, each in our own way, has found solutions for dealing with the obstacles, anxieties, and fears; we did this by starting to see the tough reality that faced us with different eyes.

For example, we have come to realize that being friends on Facebook or following each other on Instagram doesn’t make the distances between us feel less. We have discovered more authentic ways to stay connected. This is true not only for friends but also for colleagues; the Mia Burton team can say this from personal experience. None of us would ever have imagined that we would be launching the project at the peak of a global health emergency. From the beginning of the year until today it has been a succession of unexpected events and difficulties, and we wouldn’t be online if during this period we hadn’t been able to support each other, even from afar. Understanding has been our strength, and we hope it’s also one of miaburton.com.We are working to transform virtual shopping into a warm, reassuring, and fulfilling experience, like that of a physical boutique and we also want to inspire, stimulate ideas and transmit emotions.

With the disruption of routine, we have also better understood the value of change. Forced to question our habits, we have had the chance to reflect on what we truly like and in some cases reinvent ourselves. Raise your hand if you haven’t tried something new during lockdown - from sourdough bread to foreign languages, from reading unknown authors or topics, to new physical or spiritual practices. And, we want to offer you something new too: the selection of glasses which opens our Style section, it expresses the desire to adopt a different, unconventional look.

There’s a need for creativity, and also a great desire for escape, but some time will need to pass before we can rediscover the wonder of travel. Let’s do it without moving, with the power of imagination, and with the playlist from our team. Each song evokes the atmosphere of a place waiting to be discovered.

Spectacular things happen when you change your perspective. Never stop looking is our wish for a brilliant new beginning.

Photography: Ignazio Marsolo

Seeing the best in the worst year ever