Balenciaga LED Frame sunglasses: Everything you need to know

Balenciaga LED Frame sunglasses: Everything you need to know

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Balenciaga LED Frame Sunglasses in silver
November 17, 2022

Since coming to the helm of Balenciaga back in 2015, the Georgian-born designer Demna Gvasalia has made it more than clear that he is well aware of the provocation his designs create. Telling GQ back in 2021, “Everything I do has a reason for it…The trashy prom suit or an ‘unreasonably expensive’ market bag did not just accidentally slip into my collection without me super consciously putting it there. Do I know that this may not be ‘understood’ by the average social media critique? Yes, I do. Do I care? I am pretty sure you know the answer. I just do fashion that I love and enjoy; it is really as simple as that.”

And not only do Gvasalia’s pieces become fodder for Twitter debates, but they also always prove to be undeniably cult, adored by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Chiara Ferragni. In a fashion space that was once only reserved for handbags with a hefty waiting list and sneaker drops that demanded hour-long lines, Balenciaga has once again entered the hype arena with their sunglasses.

First seen on the SS20 runway in Paris, Balenciaga LED frame sunglasses pay homage to ‘90s rave culture and light up sneakers. The sunglasses were originally released in black injected nylon with gray lenses and in 2022, the brand re-released the latest colorway in silver nylon with silver mirrored lenses. The frame features a sensor at the left temple, allowing you to change the multicolor lights on the logo to have them static, fading or blinking with a gentle tap of your fingers.

The look undeniably embraces what Gvasalia does best – marry the unexpected with a combination of innovation, fashion tech and irony.

'I just do fashion that I love and enjoy; it is really as simple as that.' - Demna Gvasalia

What makes Balenciaga LED frame sunglasses a hype piece

The rectangular sunglasses’ limited availability and high demand mean one thing: price surges. Reissues of the black colorway have been immediately sold out, and now the silver colorway is expected to follow suit. Its collectible status on the resale market is enhanced by the brand’s small-batch releases and their own awareness of potential imitation; if you’ve purchased more than one pair of the model on the brand’s official website and want to return them, you’re requested to go to the store to do it.

Despite the world of dupes becoming ever more popular, luckily the latest drops of the original Balenciaga LED frame can still be purchased online through limited resellers (including Mia Burton). These shades showcase the best of Balenciaga’s innovative eyewear and establish the sunglass’ status as a must-have trend piece within today’s fashion world.

Watch us unbox Balenciaga’s LED frame

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