The Best Ski Goggles for This Year’s Slopes

The Best Ski Goggles for This Year’s Slopes

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The Best Ski Goggles 2023-2024
November 26, 2023

Are you preparing to hit the slopes this 2023-2024 season? Don’t forget your eye protection. While it’s fine to wear standard sunnies on light weather days, goggles are the go-to on the windier days when your eyes and face need more protection from the cold air and sun glare.

How do I clean ski goggles?

If you’re a goggle novice and feel overwhelmed about the idea of taking care of sports gear, fear not: goggle care is generally the same as eyewear. If you need to clean your ski goggles, stick to the same cleaning tips you would use with your glasses.

Use only a small amount of water and your microfiber cleaning cloth on the exterior lens. If you must clean the inside of your lens, do it with care because it’s more delicate; use the smallest amount of water and leave the goggles to air dry before using them again.

What ski goggles should I go for?

Like sunglasses, ski goggles offer a lot of variation. When choosing goggles think about your main priorities; do you care more about the functionality or the style? The answer is really up to you. All ski goggle lenses will have UV protection, so be assured that the basics are covered.

To help you out with your choice, our editors curated the best ski goggles for any type of preference, so scroll on to delve into the selection.

The best sports ones: Oakley Ski Goggles

If you’re a sports fanatic and hit the slopes season after season, chances are have your favorite ski goggles. If you’re looking to update your pair, consider goggles from Oakley. Not only is the brand known for its aerodynamic sporty styles, but also its unique style twist.

Oakley’s Flight Deck Snow goggles and their Fall Line Goggles are perfect for the most seasoned skier. They both feature a larger fit and a rimless front for a wider field of view, improving visibility and comfort, especially with a helmet.

The best sleek ones: Moncler ski goggles

Mountain enthusiasts will have at least a couple of Moncler items in their wardrobe. Beautiful yet unassuming, their Terrabeam ski goggles and their ML0051 mask goggles feature anti-fog mirrored lenses, perfect for protecting the eyes against bright snowy slopes and sun glare.

The best minimalist ones: Bottega Veneta ski goggles

The fashion brand took functional considerations into their ski goggle design. A mix of style and practicality, these Bottega Veneta BV1167S ski goggles feature a padded interior lining for a comfortable fit. Made in Italy, the goggles are fitted with mirrored lenses for glare reduction and an adjustable logo jacquard strap. The green strap adds a touch of color, but the absence of loud detail keeps the style minimalist.

The best fashion ones: Gucci ski goggles

Is going skiing more about making a fashion statement than physical activity for you? You’ll find a match in Gucci’s colorful ski goggles. Characterized by a bright pink acetate frame and mirrored lenses with the GG monogram, this silhouette is signature of the brand’s bold expression. The adjustable strap features the red and green Gucci stripe, so your runway moment is as powerful from the back as it is from the front.

The best capsule ones: Chloé ski goggles

Chloé first introduced these ski goggles in their FW21 capsule collection with Fusalp, and they continue to be a must-have every season. Featuring a soft ivory hue with Zeiss mirrored lenses and an adjustable jacquard fabric strap, the goggles are best for mild days when sunlight is medium to bright. The Chloé logo along the strap polishes off this sweet look.

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