Blue Light Filtering Lenses: How They Work And How To Order Them

Blue Light Filtering Lenses: How They Work And How To Order Them

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March 7, 2024

For those who are less acquainted with prescription lenses, contacts, and anything that has to do with corrective vision, you may scoff at the idea of adding blue light filtering lenses to your eyewear. But the truth is, blue light is something that affects all of us. So, whether you have 20/20 vision or if you wear prescription eyewear, protecting your eyesight from too much blue light is equally important.

With eyeglasses becoming a more popular accessory this year, it's now even simpler to protect your vision by customizing your glasses with blue light filters, which are also available for non-prescription frames.

Read on to understand what blue light is, how blue light-blocking lenses work and how to order them now on

What is blue light?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum; its short wavelength and high energy allow it to penetrate our eyes easily. It can come from a variety of sources both artificial and natural, and actually, one-third of all visible light is considered blue light. For example, the sun emits large amounts of blue light, as do our computer and phone screens.

Naturally, artificial blue light is less harmful than staring directly at the sun. But whether it's for work or studies, lots of screen time can still damage your eyes and cause disruptions in your sleep cycle, worsen headaches and tension and increase eye sensitivity.

What are blue light lenses?

Blue light lenses are clear lenses that help filter blue light. They are made with a special filter that is designed to block blue light from reaching your eyes, reducing eye strain and visual exhaustion. They are perfect if you need glasses for computer use or spend a lot of time on your phone.

What are the benefits of a blue light-blocking lens?

Adding blue light-blocking lenses to your frames can be beneficial if your work requires a lot of screentime. Not only do they reduce eyestrain, they can also improve sleep, especially if you’re on your phone right before bed.

Do blue light lenses look different?

Blue light lenses are clear, so they don’t have any particular tint, making them perfect for the everyday.

Can you wear blue light glasses all day?

Yes. Wearing blue light glasses will not damage your eyes, even if you wear them constantly. Since the filter helps mitigate and lessen the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, wearing these glasses will improve eyestrain and vision sensitivity.

Do anti-reflective lenses block blue light?

Anti-reflective lenses are lenses with another kind of filter, so they don’t block blue light. Instead, they help reduce reflective glare from external light sources.

Do polarized and photochromic lenses block blue light?

While other custom filters such as polarized and photochromic can help in reducing blue light, it’s important to note that they do not block blue light in the same way as blue light filter glasses do.

Are blue light lenses worth it?

Blue light lenses are worth it because they add an extra layer of eye protection without having to change your lifestyle completely. Not only that, but they are worth it because they are so universal. Remember, that anti-blue light lenses add protection for those who already have vision impairments, but they are also effective at reducing eye strain and preventing eye-related disorders for people who already have perfect vision.

Can I order blue light glasses online at

Yes, ordering blue light glasses is simple. At, you can add an anti-blue light filter by clicking the ‘CUSTOMIZE LENSES’ button on the product page of the glasses you want to get started.

Every order comes with a warranty

Be assured that when you order a pair of eyeglasses with custom blue light lenses on, the order comes included with our Mia Burton Lens Care. It is our
free lens warranty that comes with all frames with customized lenses. It’s valid for two years and covers accidental damages.

You can find more details on coverage in our Help Center, under Mia Burton Lens Care warranty against accidental damage.

Is it safe to order glasses with blue light lenses online?

It is always safe to order custom glasses online from trusted eyewear sites. At we fit all the designer eyeglass frames with premium quality blue light filter lenses.

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