Garrett Leight FH21: Inspired by Music

Garrett Leight FH21: Inspired by Music

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Garrett Leight FH21: Inspired by Music
October 22, 2021

Bringing a dynamic energy to the season, Garrett Leight’s Fall/Holiday collection shines bright against windy, cold days. Inspired by the trailblazers, artistic revolutionaries and the free-spirited lifestyle of musicians and performers alike, this drop blends the greatest hits with new, modern details. From the Troubadour’s ‘60s Bob Dylan-influenced silhouette to the subtle, alternative ‘90s touches in the Mayan Sun, this mix pays homage to the label’s love for its origins, Los Angeles.

Setting the stage

For Leight, the brand’s founder, life wouldn’t be the same without music. Crafting inspiration from his favorite musicians and the city’s historical venues, this collection blends the brand’s elevated ease with its own culture-heavy remixes. Brimming with past and present references, from Buddy Holly to David Byrne, these renditions strike a personal chord for the eyewear creative.

“Nothing moves me more than a song. A lyric. A sound. A rhythm. A performance. (...) This collection has more character than any GLCO collection before it because of music. You could say I’m proud of this album and I’m confident you’ll find many songs you like.”
– Garrett Leight


Garrett Leight’s Royce eyeglasses and sun shades radiate a timeless energy with their crafted P3-inspiration. A classic in the making, this design traces its roots back to the historical Royce Hall, which has hosted iconic figures in history from the likes of John F. Kennedy to Albert Einstein.

Mayan Sun

Alternative and lightweight, the Mayan Sun features a fearless unisex frame, rectangular silhouette and geometric details. Referencing the cultural hub of the Mayan Movie House, these shades draw on ‘90s rebel chic.


Influenced by the sheer adaptability of its namesake theater, Garrett Leight Regent eyeglasses balance softly squared curves with bold acetate hues and thick beveled edges. A contemporary twist on a vintage shape.

Juvee Sun

Garrett Leight’s Juvee Sun shades evoke a sartorial homage to the elegant strength of musical legend, Sade. Named after a short-lived punk-rock venue, these sunglasses characterize a confident cat-eye frame in deep acetate tones.


Garrett Leight’s Palladium frames come in both sunglasses and eyeglasses, making it an instant new essential. Referencing Art Deco theater that hosted the likes of Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix, this sculpted, rectangular frame heightens rebel sophistication.

El Rey

Sleek temples and squared-off silhouette. Regal references combined with a streamlined vision. Taking its namesake from the El Rey Theater, this unisex cat-eye draws influence from the legendary style of Buddy Holly.


Garrett Leight Gibson eyeglasses reference the iconic style of David Bryne of the Talking Heads. Featuring a sculpted browline silhouette, this model marries vintage lines with a reclaimed edge. A perfect embodiment of the high-energy history of its namesake, the Gibson Theater.


With the 100-year history of Los Angeles’s Fonda Theater, Garrett Leight’s Fonda Sun shades and eyeglasses draw a stylized inspiration from the poets and musicians who cultivated the bohemian spirit of the venue. Characterized by a rounded shape with a combination of metal and acetate, this style evokes the free-spirited creativity of the ‘60s and ‘70s while staying decidedly modern.


Windsor rims receive an updated take in the Wiltern eyeglasses. Mixing modern bohemia with richly elevated details, this style reveals the understated art deco elegance and glamour of the original Wiltern Theater.


Perhaps recognizable as the iconic silhouette worn by Bob Dylan in the ‘60s, the Troubadour is available in both sun and optical styles. Hinting at the rule breaker attitude of Los Angeles’s Troubadour nightclub, this frame reveals signature accents with its water drop plaque and slightly oversized fit.

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