The Best Grandpa Glasses To Snag The ‘Grandpacore’ Look

The Best Grandpa Glasses To Snag The ‘Grandpacore’ Look

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The Best Grandpa glasses to snag the ‘Grandpacore’ fashion look at
February 1, 2024

As we are all well aware, fashion is cyclical. Every season new trends come and go, this year has already seen the return of businesswomen chic (nicknamed Office Siren thanks to Tik Tok), the rise of the Coquette girl (bows everywhere) and now the ubiquitous rise of Grandpacore. We’ve already covered how fashion glasses are becoming this year’s must-have trend, and Grandpacore perfectly fits the niche.

Those who manage to keep up with the quick movement of internet style trends may be drawing similarities with last year’s much-loved and elegant Coastal Grandmother. This year, we’re switching our focus to the other grandparent. The beloved @gramparents account on Instagram is a favorite amongst the fashion crowd (even the late Virgil Abloh was a follower) and further proves that this style has always been a source of inspiration.

This year is all about Grandpa style, and more specifically, Grandpa glasses. Read on to find out how to adopt the must-have trend.

What is Grandpa style?

Grandpa style refers to the ‘eclectic’ mix of vintage finds and long-term pieces worn by a stereotypical grandpa figure. Think chunky cable knit cardigans over button-down shirts, gray slacks, Italian leather loafers and thin metal-rimmed eyeglasses.

The latter is one of the simplest ways to nail the trend. Adding a pair of ‘grandpa style’ glasses will instantly give you a vintage-inspired look.

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Tyler The Creator was an early adopter of the look. The singer has had a penchant for vintage fits throughout his career; his brand, Golf Le Fleur, makes the most of the trend, with recent campaigns that lean into the Grandpacore look.

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The best ‘Grandpa glasses’

If you’re wondering how to style the Grandpacore look, glasses are the easiest way to start accessorizing. The trend refers to a time before the advent of fast fashion, when clothes and accessories lasted years, becoming wardrobe mainstays noted for their excellent quality and longevity.

Think about brands that have mastered the ‘vintage look,’ and are known for their quality production. Gucci and Persol have great options that elevate the trend, like their metal frames, particularly the ones with classic wing tips.

Eyewear empire Oliver Peoples and indie favorite Garrett Leight also routinely serve out vintage creations that are great adopting the Grandpa look.

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When it comes to shape, go for the classics. Square and aviator eyeglasses are ideal silhouettes that perfect the Grandpa style. If you feel like rounded frames are more flattering, consider going for a Panto-style shape. It’s a traditional shape that harks back to 20th-century eyewear.

When it comes to color and pattern, pick timeless options over modern looks. Natural-toned acetates like brown tortoise glasses and silver-toned metal frames are a good place to start.

Do you have Grandpa glasses that you don’t wear anymore?

Shopping secondhand is one of the best options for getting the Grandpa look. That’s how to keep it authentic and original without compromising. We’re happy to start working in this direction with the recent launch of our Pre-loved program, which will promote more thoughtful shopping habits. Before our Pre-loved selection opens, you can send us your old frames and receive 50 euros to use on your next purchase at

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