How to find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape

How to find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape

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How to find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape
June 22, 2022

What sunglasses suit my face shape? It seems like the age-old question when buying a new pair of shades. And there's a reason for it – finding your perfect sunglasses can feel like a match made in heaven, after searching endlessly, you’ve finally found the shades that you’ll never leave home without. But before then, the hunt can seem daunting – you’ve tried on more styles than you can count, but something’s just not quite right. An easy fix? Try narrowing down your choices. And one simple way to do this is to find the most flattering frame shapes for your face.

From soft aviators to striking cat-eyes with a rectangular silhouette, here are the best types of sunglasses sure to suit any face shape.

How do you know which face shape you have?

You might have an idea of what your face shape is based on what people have told you, or even just from looking at yourself in the mirror. If you don’t, it’s perfectly normal: since face shapes just slightly resemble geometric shapes, they are often hard to define. If you are not completely sure what face shape you have, here’s a simple way to find out: all you’ll need is a tape measure.

Start by measuring your face length, from the hairline to the bottom of your chin. Then note how large your face is by measuring it at three different points: your forehead, the width from cheekbone to cheekbone, and the width of your jawline.

If your face length and width are similar, you could have a round or square shaped face. The main difference?

- The round face is curved all around

- The square face has a stronger, prominent jawline.

Instead if your face is longer than it is wide, you’re most likely a diamond, oval or heart-shaped face.

- Diamond faces have a pronounced chin

- Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead while their jawline is noticeably smaller

- Oval face shapes have a similar forehead and jawline width.

Infographics: how to determine your face shape

Sunglasses for round faces

For round faces, square-shaped and rectangular frames add an angular dimension.

If you have a round-shaped face, you may have less defined angles and softer curves. To naturally contour your face for added length, frames with sharp edges and angular rims work best. Typically rectangular, squared sunglasses or even a dramatic butterfly frames are your best friend, they add an ideal level of dimension to your face, without taking over.

square sunglasses for round face
rectangular sunglasses for round face
butterfly sunglasses for round face

Sunglasses for oval faces

For oval faces, butterfly, cat-eye, irregular and geometric frames are ideal fits.

You can tell if you have an oval face shape if your face is longer than wide with gentle curves. With its length and subtle roundness, the oval face can be paired with a variety of sunglass shapes, from classic cat-eyes to unconventional geometric frames and retro aviators. Butterfly shades with a defined browline can add an angular symmetry to your look which is perfect for fans of more vintage styles.

butterfly sunglasses for oval face
cat-eye sunglasses for oval face
irregular sunglasses for oval face
aviator sunglasses for oval face

Sunglasses for heart-shaped faces

For heart-shaped faces, aviators and rectangular sunglasses flatter natural curves.

Heart-shaped faces, or inverted triangles feature wider temples with more pronounced cheekbones and a narrower chin. In contrast to other face shapes, you can complement this silhouette with a softer aviator frame that mirrors your face’s natural curvature. Rectangular sunglasses are also a great choice, highlighting the cheekbones while adding a bit of length.

aviator sunglasses for heart-shaped face
rectangular sunglasses for heart-shaped face

Sunglasses for square faces

For square faces, round, oval or cat-eye shades soften strong lines.

The best sunglass shape for square faces round to oval-shaped frames, which balance out your natural angles adding a softer appeal. If you’re a fan of more sleek lines, a curved cat-eye keeps your look cool and effortless.

round sunglasses for square face
oval sunglasses for square face
cat-eye sunglasses for square face

Sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces

For diamond-shaped faces, oval or cat-eye frames add an ideal balance.

If you have a diamond-shaped face, your face will be defined by dramatic cheekbones and a sharp more narrow jawline. Complement your angles with a dramatic cat-eye, or to soften your overall look with oval sunglasses balance hard lines with a gentle curve.

oval sunglasses for diamond face
cat-eye sunglasses for diamond face

Infographics: the best sunglasses for each face shape

Infographics: the best sunglasses to fit your face

Need some style tips?

If you’re still not sure what type of sunglasses suit your face shape, chat with our customer service for personalized advice. They’ll be happy to help give you customized tips based on what you’re looking for.