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How To Tell If Cartier Sunglasses Are Real

How To Tell If Cartier Sunglasses Are Real

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Cartier Sunglasses: Fake VS Real
April 4, 2024

It’s undeniable that Cartier epitomizes a heritage of luxury and sophistication. Celebrated for its opulent jewelry and timepieces, the esteemed French Maison has also given its eyewear collection the distinction of being a quintessential status symbol.

While discerning Cartier enthusiasts can certainly tell if their Cartier sunglasses are real or fake, this edition of our Authenticity Series covers those of you who are looking to invest in a timeless Cartier frame, but are still determining which steps to follow for an authenticity check.

We’ve already explored the finer details of the original Jacques Marie Mage, Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, and Oliver Peoples shades. Now, let’s delve deeper into how to authenticate your Cartier sunglasses.

1. The frame

Start by checking the frame.

On all authentic Cartier sunglasses, every detail is superbly crafted, leaving no room for error. Strong hinges and quality materials are some of the trademarks of the house. Premium frames include gold-plated and titanium details.

If the frame has adjustable nose pads, each side will feature a logo or a signature motif. Also, the bridge will have engraved measurements. These small details are important to check, as fake Cartier sunglasses sometimes skip these parts.

The lenses

Next, take a look at the lenses. Cartier sunglasses will have a small yet signature cursive logo on the corner of one lens; when checking it, ensure the spelling is correct and legible.

The temples

You can tell if your Cartier sunglasses are real even by looking at their arms. On the inner side, you will find the signature Cartier cursive logo alongside the frame’s serial number, which is usually from 7 to 10 digits long. Please notice that the number of digits may vary based on style, release year, and collection. If you don’t find it on the temples, it could also be on the bridge.

The temples carry further information such as the measurement engravings (if they’re not already on the bridge), where the frame was made, the CE and UKCA stamp, the model code, and the color code.

The signature motifs

When checking the authenticity of your Cartier sunglasses, don’t overlook the brand’s signature motifs: they are the calling cards of the house and are usually found on the external temples.

Here we’ll look closely at the most-wanted ones: the Première de Cartier, Panthère de Cartier, Signature C de Cartier and Santos de Cartier.

Santos De Cartier

Borrowed from the house’s watch design, the Santos De Cartier showcases screw details along the frame which mirror the iconic timepiece. The visible screws are a crucial part of the Santos De Cartier sunglasses, and they should be well-defined and very polished.

Signature C De Cartier

The C de Cartier initial is another signature. In rimless frames, it's stylized to embrace the lens and create a seamless flow with the temples, as seen in the picture above.

When the C is intertwined, it is called the Double C de Cartier. It can usually be found on full-rim metal frames and acetate frames and represents the personal seal of the brand. It is characterized by two refined C letters that are connected, creating a personalized emblem.

Première de Cartier

he Première collection showcases a modern feel with a signature Cartier polish. The sunglasses from the line blend the C de Cartier symbol with the Maison's godron motif; frames feature metal rivets in platinum, gold, or ruthenium finishes. Some eyewear from this collection is made with genuine Buffalo horn temples.

Panthère De Cartier

Straight from the house’s jewelry collections, the timeless Panthère symbol adorns some of the most iconic Cartier eyewear pieces. Each season the Panthère is given a revamped aesthetic; for 2024, the Panthère sunglasses showcase the animal in a beautiful ring-like adornment on the temples. Metal is thick and polished, with no imperfections, 3D details, and enamel accents.

The packaging

Is your frame looking good? Let’s check the packaging.

Official Cartier sunglasses will come in a hard leather case with a branded logo and cleaning cloth. There will be a Cartier Warranty card and an authenticity guarantee card for you to fill out, should you keep the frames.

The Price

Being some of the most luxurious eyewear on the market, Cartier frames have a price point that matches their status. Shades with premium materials can cost up to 1,500 - 2,000 euros, while acetate ones are generally a little less expensive.

Of course, prices may undulate. But if a pair of Cartier sunglasses is very underpriced compared to similar styles on the market, this might be a red flag. So double-check the other details before purchasing.

Where to buy authentic Cartier sunglasses

When buying Cartier sunglasses, ensure the authenticity of your purchase by patronizing authorized retailers partnered directly with Cartier's eyewear distributor, Kering Eyewear. Opting for trusted retailers like miaburton.com eliminates the need for separate authenticity inspections.

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