Replicate These 5 Sunglass Trends From the SS25 Men’s Runway Shows

Replicate These 5 Sunglass Trends From the SS25 Men’s Runway Shows

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The best sunglass trends for men for SS25
June 27, 2024

The Spring/Summer 2025 men's runway shows have unfolded. It's clear that this season is all about balancing practicality with style. Zegna sets the pace for the on-the-go man and a retro nod. Gucci ensures you never lose your shades in life's maze. Balenciaga proposes Spring/Summer with an avant-garde twist. Meanwhile, Emporio Armani stays true to its roots, delivering a lineup that epitomizes elegance.

This season leans heavily on the classics, offering refined updates rather than radical reinventions. Let’s dive into what you should add to your sartorial repertoire for next warm weather season.

1. Mirrored masks

Prada SS25 men’s sunglasses
Reflecting men’s sun style at the Prada SS25 show

Prada and Raf Simons redefine traditional menswear archetypes for SS25 with their signature silhouettes and luxurious touches. Aptly named "Closer," the collection blends the real with the imaginary, urging us to rethink our perception of time and the everyday objects that shape our lives.

Intricate details on the menswear pieces reveal themselves up close, only to vanish as the models stride down the runway, creating a mesmerizing play of visibility and illusion. This visual play extends to the mirrored sunglasses, which reflect the models' views on the runway, making a bold statement. Just like the Prada oversized mask sunglasses duplicate views, you've got to replicate this sunglasses trend.

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2. Tried-and-true metals

Emporio Armani SS25 men’s sunglasses
Timeless shapes and materials grace the Emporio Armani SS25 catwalk

Emporio Armani has long been celebrated for its casual take on Italian menswear, serving as the relaxed counterpart to Giorgio Armani mainline. The Spring/Summer 2025 collection from Emporio Armani was an homage to equestrian lifestyles.

Models graced the runway in elegant metal frames in round and rectangular shapes, merging the brand's signature sophistication with a touch of pastoral romance. With these classic shapes, you simply can't go wrong; each piece embodies sartorial perfection.

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Styles we suggest

3. Total black wraparound styles

Balenciaga SS25 men’s sunglasses
Bold and black men’s shades on the Balenciaga SS25 runway

At the fourth release of Balenciaga's SS25 show, models commanded the pier of the Pudong Art Museum in China, strutting in striking mask sunglasses paired with total black ensembles. Ready for anything, the models donned eyewear armor while clutching boxes, totes, and knotted jackets.

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4. Strapped shades

Gucci SS25 men’s sunglasses
Your sunnies have got your back at Gucci men’s SS25 show

This season, Sabato de Sarno transformed Gucci’s menswear show setting the stage at the iconic 1930s-built Triennale Milano design gallery. The collection radiated optical clarity, drawing inspiration from surfing, showcased through center-stage styling of wraparound sunglasses draped on Gucci-adorned straps like chokers. The sunglass strap cements never forgetting your shades, no excuses.

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5. Retro aviators

Zegna SS25 men’s sunglasses
The Zegna men’s SS25 show took notes from the past

Zegna's SS25 collection takes center stage against endless mechanical linen fields. The runway dazzled with pink and orange metal-strung flax sprigs emerging from sand-covered mounds, creating a captivating fusion of nature and industry.

The first model made an entrance, clad in a light green suit perfectly complemented by his metal sunglasses. Carrying two weekender bags, one larger than the other, he exuded an air of spontaneous jet set getaway or road trip readiness while sporting the aviator shades. One thing that remains impeccably constant with Zegna is its allure, which speaks volumes, making a statement that's smart.

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SS25 Runway Shows Wrap Up

The overarching men’s sunglass trend for the Spring/Summer 2025 season veers towards a reverence for the classics, accented with fresh takes on retro styles. Whether you're drawn to the retro vibe of Zegna, the bold statements of Balenciaga, or the practical accessories from Gucci, there's something to enhance every sartorial repertoire. Embrace these refined updates and let your wardrobe reflect the perfect mix of tradition and modernity for Spring/Summer 2025.

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