The Best Gentle Monster Frames, Based on your Zodiac Sign

The Best Gentle Monster Frames, Based on your Zodiac Sign

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The Best Gentle Monster Frames, Based on your Zodiac Sign
Words by Mirabella Shahidullah
February 2, 2022

If you have a penchant for eyewear, you’ve probably heard about Gentle Monster. Founded in 2011, the South Korean brand has quickly become the trend-setting eyewear label of choice with its constantly evolving experimentation and endless creativity.

Known for their original design, each frame is its own kind of masterpiece, borrowing on a fusion of retro and futuristic influences. From classically flattering shapes to more experimental, artistic sunnies, the brand’s playful imagination has definitely caught our eye.

Not sure which style to go for? To help you with the selection, we’ve curated the best Gentle Monster frames, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Bold & Unafraid

Known for its independent personality, the Aries brings their creative spirit to their appearance. Never the one to follow trends, this star sign starts them. And for that, they need a frame that commands the right kind of attention. Daring like the fire sign itself, the Gentle Monster Deus sunglasses prove to be a match with their sleek Flatba design and streamlined rectangular shape.

Taurus: Practical yet stylish

Strong, statement and with a touch of needed drama: we could be talking about Taurus or Gentle Monster’s Dion eyeglasses. A timelessly bold shape, this frame elevates the Taurus’s attention to detail and well-dresses sensibilities. Plus, the blue light filter lenses add the perfect amount of functionality, sure to win the practical Earth sign’s heart.

Gemini: The best of both worlds

Classic with a twist, Gentle Monster Linda sunglasses are just what the Gemini ordered. Symbolized by the twin sign, the Gemini is drawn to a combination of styles, resulting in looks that mix and match timeless silhouettes with funky, out-there pieces. With that in mind, what would be better than joyful, bright yellow specs in a classic rectangular-shaped design?

Cancer: Romantically-inclined

They say Cancers have big hearts, so what better way to dress than with shades that capture a romantic vibe. Rendered in a two-tone clear wine acetate with brown lenses, Gentle Monster’s Rick sunglasses tick all the sign’s style boxes: colorful, retro designs with an aesthetic sensibility.

Leo: Shining Bright

What came first? The Leo or the Sun? Much like Gentle Monster’s Taptap eyeglasses, you don’t have to choose. Yes, they’re an optical design but with the added bonus of tinted UV protected lenses. You’ll be the star of the show, come rain or shine. And with their Orange gradient tones, they channel the lion’s fiery spirit.

Virgo: Smart & polished

Gentle Monster’s Alio X eyeglasses are the perfect complement to the Virgo’s organized wardrobe. Slim rims shape a classic profile, enhanced by a saddle bridge and engraved detailing. The perfect minimalist accessory for the sign’s coordinated, tailored style.

Libra: A natural equilibrium

Recalling the Libra’s love for harmonious design, Gentle Monster New Bond sunglasses are all about balance. Accentuated by its linear silhouette, the retro look features blue lenses for a seamless, lightweight frame the air sign is sure to cherish.

Scorpio: New classics

Mysterious with an unmistakable fierceness, the Scorpio is always one to keep it sophisticated. Drawn to a rich quality and dark colors along with a love for quality tailoring and refinement, the sign would look best in the flattering shape of Gentle Monster’s Monosoa sunglasses.

Sagittarius: Adventure-seeker

The zodiac’s biggest adventurer, the Sagittarius is known for their wanderlust spirit and dynamic personality. Never one to stand still, the sign is drawn to unfussy, clean-cut styles, a perfect match for the polished aviator style of Gentle Monster’s Elephant eyeglasses. Yellow gradient lenses attract a bolder touch, keeping in line with the sign’s boundless energy and infectious good mood.

Capricorn: Strong & sturdy

Capricorns love a good, tailored fit. Always well-dressed but rarely one to follow trends, the hard-working sign treats functionality as a priority when it comes to their accessories. Think elevated basics with a clean, understated elegance - in other words, everything that characterizes Gentle Monster’s Southside eyeglasses.

Aquarius: Optimistic & insightful

Adventurous with a penchant for trend-setting, the Aquarius loves standing out, even when it comes to their glasses. It seems only fitting that Gentle Monster’s Loopy eyeglasses would be the style of choice for the eccentric air sign. Demanding attention with their oversized green acetate and blue gradient lenses, this frame adds new dimensions to the Aquarius wardrobe.

Pisces: Always gracious

Blues are the water sign’s preferred shades, reminding them of water and reflection. Style traits that go perfectly with the Gentle Monster Ghost sunglasses. Rendered in an eye-catching light blue acetate, this frame is ethereal yet dreamy with a certain artistic vibe.

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