6 Standout Sunglass Colors To Shop For Fall 2023

6 Standout Sunglass Colors To Shop For Fall 2023

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6 Color Trends For Elevating Your Eyewear Style For Fall 2023
September 17, 2023

Vogue recently wrote about the trending Cortado Rule and even though they were applying it to their clothing, we can't help but be intrigued. Dressing like your morning cup of coffee? Sign us up.

But what exactly is the Cortado Rule? No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Spain (the birthplace of the Cortado) but something a little more metaphorical. Inspired by the popular drink’s creamy hues, the Cortado Rule is an easy styling tip to get you set for the autumn months. The tip focuses on pairing complementary espresso brown and creamy beige colors together to get the look.

While Vogue was focusing on clothing, we’re curious to see how it can be applied to eyewear. That, and the trend is an excellent gateway for other trending hues of the season. Subdued, not-made-for-Instagram tones have been hitting the FW23 runways this year. Fall color trend pairings have seen tones like apple reds, creamy buttermilk and caramel browns. Basically, all the yummy things that have us looking forward to the seasonal transition.

And what better way to welcome the new season than with a pair of new shades?

1. The Cortado Rule

The Cortado Rule is trending Fall 2023

Make your morning caffeine call last the whole day in a pair of sunglasses that match the warm espresso hues. We’ve got our eye on Jacques Marie Mage’s Cleveland sunglasses in Havana: their white trim on top practically recalls the frothy milky layer of your pre-work cappuccino.

Other tonal matches include Garrett Leight’s Carlton shades which pair warm brown tones with an ember glow.

2. Apple red

Red is a trending color for F/W 2023

Perhaps one of the more ‘louder’ colors for fall this year, red tones have been spotted on everyone from A-Listers to the fashion-obsessed. While bright red is usually seen in the warmer seasons, this season it’s balanced through carefully-placed accents.

Pair these new season Garrett Leight x Clare V. sunglasses with your coziest caramel cashmere and voilà, you’re a much more stylish version of a candy apple.

Is bright red not your thing? Try its cousin; burgundy. We’re crushing on these ones with CHANEL.

The beaded chain even resembles little apples, and who doesn’t love that?

3. Workwear gray

Workwear gray is a color trend for FW23

As much as we love autumn, it also marks the end of summer and with that, summer vacations. For most of us, the seasonal transition heralds the return to work. So it’s only appropriate then that workwear gray is trending for fall 2023.

Gray? Really? We get it, it doesn’t sound too exciting. But don’t be too quick to judge, when paired with the right pieces, gray tones are undeniably chic. It’s a more optimistic alternative to all-black and cozier than white.

We love these voluminous Dolores shades in Celestite gray from Garrett Leight, or for a more retro look, consider these oversized sunglasses from Alexander McQueen. See? You wouldn’t be calling these gray looks drab.

4. Buttermilk yellow

Buttermilk yellow is another color trend for Fall/Winter 2023

Warm biscuity yellow and creamy buttermilks have also been a runway mainstay. You might be thinking: Sounds delicious, but aren’t we talking about sunglasses? Yes, we are. Add a buttery tone to your look in shades that marry the light tone with a powerful silhouette. Think aviators and chunky cat-eyes. They juxtapose the softness of the hue while adding definition to your look.

Consider Persol's Steve McQueen folding shades which add edge thanks to their aviator silhouette. Aviators aren’t your thing? Go for a chunky cat-eye shape like these Saint Laurent SL 573 sunnies.

5. Dramatic black

Sleek black adds a trending touch to FW23 ensembles.

Black sunglasses are a wardrobe mainstay. They’re faithful, go with all your outfits and instantly add the perfect amount of glamour to any event. Bonus points if you wear yours at night. So it comes as no surprise that for Fall 2023, black sunglasses are in trend.

Refresh your black shades with elevated season favorites like with these timeless Demarco shades from Barton Perreira. More of a Jackie O. type? Go for these glamorously oversized ones from Saint Laurent.

6. Shiny metallic

Metallics are trendy for Fall 2023

Shiny metallics are also having a moment. Molten silvers, gilded golds, think jewelry for your eyes. Which is precisely what these designer sunglasses are.

This season adds the best shine to your look in the metallic offerings from brands who do it best like Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Cartier.

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