Trendy Sunglasses As Spotted on Celebs In 2024

Trendy Sunglasses As Spotted on Celebs In 2024

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Sunglasses as seen on Rihanna and Pharrell.
May 28, 2024

Want to know the secret to amping up any outfit? A pair of trendy sunglasses. Shades are practical, but let's be honest: their 'it' factor peaks when you pick a personality-packed style.

That's why we've curated popular sunglasses for women and men this year. Read on to discover must-have picks.

What are sunglasses trends for 2024?

Trending sunglasses spotted on celebrities in 2024.
Trending sunglasses spotted on Rihanna and Pharrell.

Get ready to transform your sunnies from bland to stunning. Picture unique shapes, eye-catching tinted lenses, and a hint of nostalgia. Whether you're channeling Rihanna with aviators or wearing a statement-style like Pharrell in micro shades, there's a pair of fashionable sunglasses waiting for you this season.

2024 trends: Colored lenses

Bella Hadid wearing sunglasses with colored lenses
Bella Hadid wearing sunglasses with colored lenses

Colored lenses are set to steal the spotlight this summer. These trendy sunglasses are the perfect partner for those silver shoes everyone's obsessing over. Whether you choose the top picks below or discover a pair calling your name, colorful sunglasses will transport you beachside, no matter your plans.

Colored lenses sunglasses for men 2024

Colored lenses sunglasses for women 2024

What are sunglass material trends for 2024?

2024 trends: Metal

Cardi B in metal frames
Cardi B in sleek metal frames

Metal frames are experiencing a renaissance in 2024. Oval shapes in gold or silver are everywhere; these refined iterations of classic sunglasses feature barely-there rims or completely rimless styles that offer structural integrity and a harmonious balance.

Metal sunglasses for men 2024

Metal sunglasses for women 2024

What are sunglass shape trends for 2024?

2024 trends: Mask

Roger Federer in Oliver Peoples sunglasses
Roger Federer in Oliver Peoples mask sunglasses

Mask sunglasses might not be for everyone, but they're a go-to if you're feeling adventurous.

Check out modern takes, from less intense to ample coverage, that deliver an effortless vibe without overwhelming your face.

New mask sunglasses for men

New mask sunglasses for women

2024 trends: Oversized

Paris Hilton at Coachella 2024
Paris Hilton in oversized sunglasses at Coachella 2024

Whether grabbing an iced coffee or lounging by the pool, oversized sunnies are your sidekick. These larger-than-life shades don't just make a statement—they make an entrance.

With endless colors and shapes to choose from, you're guaranteed to find a pair from brands like Gucci, Tom Ford and Max Mara.

Trending men’s oversized sunglasses

Trending women’s oversized sunglasses

2024 trends: Micro

Hailey Bieber and Bad Bunny in micro sunglasses
Hailey Bieber in Saint Laurent and Bad Bunny in Kuboraum micro sunglasses

Micro sunglasses have wiggled their way onto the faces of celebrities and influencers, and they’re poised to be the biggest small thing around.

These mini shades are perfect for adding a dash of cool to all your party outfits à la Bad Bunny or Hailey Bieber.

Trendy men’s micro sunglasses

Trendy women’s micro sunglasses

2024 trends: Aviators

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Summer's the stage to wear your favorite aviator sunglasses. Opt for a classic, timeless metal look, or shake things up with a trendy acetate frame. You really can't go wrong—aviators always fly high.

The latest men’s aviator sunglasses

The latest women’s aviator sunglasses

Explore the latest sunglass trends

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