VIDEO | Unboxing Jacques Marie Mage x Gonzo Peyote sunglasses

VIDEO | Unboxing Jacques Marie Mage x Gonzo Peyote sunglasses

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Mia Burton unboxes the exclusive Jacques Marie Mage x The Gonzo Foundation Peyote sunglasses
May 12, 2023

Jacques Marie Mage has a thing for the unconventional: a fact easily proven by its exclusive collaborations with legendary figures of past and present.

Inspired by an eclectic mix of writers, artists, and musicians, the eyewear house sheds a spotlight on the cultural movers and shakers that have pushed the creative boundaries of their art. It should come as no surprise then that the brand has again paid homage to the Godfather of Gonzo journalism himself, Hunter S. Thompson, with their latest limited edition drop.

It marks the collaboration’s second release; Jacques Marie Mage previously revealed the Duke shades, which referenced Johnny Depp’s iconic sunglasses in the film adaption of Thompson’s most beloved work, ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’ Now for 2023, the brand releases the ‘Peyote.’ This new edition to the collaboration pays homage to the writer’s eccentric style (he was rarely caught without a pair of aviator shades).

Watch the full unboxing and learn how Hunter S. Thompson’s rebellious ‘Gonzo’ style inspired the exclusive collection in our latest episode of ‘All About the Details.’

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