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Get a contoured look and make a strong style statement with angular, square sunglasses. Have fun playing with geek-chic trends or explore your vintage side with oversized frames that nod to the 70s. Our selection of square sunglasses includes big name brands and also small, independent eyewear labels, letting wearers experiment with modern styles with a hint of the old, or stay classic with frames that never go out of style, like the Ray-Ban Clubmasters

These power glasses are favorites amongst the big players of the celebrity world, Meghan Markle and Anna Wintour included. Strong, determined, and never shy - square shades speak loudly and confidently about the wearer. 

If you’re wondering whether they are a complementary shape for you, square sunglasses are the perfect answer if you have a rounded face. By contrasting the circular with the square of the frames, the overall effect is that it helps to balance your form. Not sure? Head to our magazine to explore our editors' guide on picking the best sunglasses based on your face shape