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Sunglasses with a dual personality

Balenciaga sunglasses epitomize the brand’s skills at mixing its strong couture heritage with its fashion-forward design. A brand that is able to mix trainers and haute couture brings this unusual approach to its eyewear design. 


From one extreme to the other 

Eyewear is split into two categories: Extreme and Everyday. Extreme are sport-inspired lenses that experiment with illusions of continuity, mirrored materials, and an innovative mix of techniques. Everyday, instead, are a sharp yet classic take on lifestyle eyewear designs. Blending delicate metal frames and wraparound bold acetate, these are timeless styles using new techniques to achieve ultimate functionality. 


Authentic yet pragmatic

Designs include XXL statement frames with extra deep temples, inspired by protective goggles but made luxe through the highly-skilled acetate layering techniques used to create exaggerated volumes. Or the ski-like goggles, based on high-tech protective eyewear but made from a single lens with the logo printed on the top. The lenses sometimes appear to be infinite, starting at the bridge and arriving behind the ear. These glasses mix extreme sports design with classic shapes to make a statement about the everyday duality of the brand. 


Bold constructions, made from unconventional materials

Glasses are made from a mix of unconventional sporty materials with traditional luxury materials. Using exclusive acetates and advanced treatments such as multi-coating, special features include the black double B monogram printed on the transparent nose pads for a floating effect, or the selective mirroring on lenses to enhance the logo.


Innovative materials combine with masterful cuts and techniques to create shades that are simple yet daring.