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Crossing eras and fashion styles, rectangular sunglasses are eclectic yet effortless. Coming in narrow, futuristic shapes or larger, sporty styles, these modern rectangular shapes play with traditional forms by peaking at the sides. The shape is a firm favorite with celebrities because of its ability to flatter, and this is the exact reason why it has been worn by stars over the years - think Marcello Mastroianni’s famous shades in Fellini’s 8 ½.  

Our selection of rectangular sunglasses includes classics like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, traditional models with a twist, like tortoiseshell shades with studded edges and much more futuristic styles that are broad, rimless and almost goggle-like. Choose your favorite, make your mark and bring style to the everyday.

Wondering whether rectangular sunglasses are the right shape for you? If you have a rounded or heart-shaped face this could be the perfect way to create an optical effect of a more slender, elongated shape and will help to balance your face's natural curves. If you're not sure about what face shape you have, head to our magazine to explore our editors' guide to finding the perfect frames for your face