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A style that has acquired almost legendary status by the musicians that have worn them throughout history, round sunglasses are a bold way for any music lover to show their leanings. John Lennon, Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne are just some of the notable singers who have chosen round shades to complete their look, it’s for exactly this reason that they have become a favorite for many culture, music, and literary fans. 

Choose from timeless, metal Ray-Bans such as the RB3447 round which come in a range of colors, or make sure you stand out from the crowd by going for one of our models with bright lenses. A style that never goes out of fashion, round shades are a simple way to push boundaries with your look while always knowing that it’ll be a hit.

Ideal for square faces, round sunglasses helps balance and soften out the features of a more angular face. Not quite sure what face shape you have? Explore our editors' guide to find out.