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Sculpted for a unique experience

“Dreamed in Berlin, handmade in Italy.” Kuboraum’s eccentric personality debuted in 2012 as a conceptualized eyewear brand by artist and collaborators Livio Grazziottin and Sergio Eusebi. A brand of constant connection, the two creatives blend Berlin’s boundless creative energy with their shared passion for timeless Italian craftsmanship.


Always playing with ideas of identity, Kuboraum glasses highlight the wearer’s authentic self rather than masking it. Curated for difference, the brand’s eyeglasses are pieces of constant experimentation. Working with both traditional and nontraditional materials, these frames feature Mazzucchelli acetates to industrial metals and are adorned with repeating motifs in the form of spikes, studs and pearls.


Rare, collectible and always unconventional, Kuboaraum masks are anything but boring. Discover more about the Berlin brand's artistic philosophy in our magazine's Investment Eyewear edit