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When thinking of oval sunglasses, an image instantly comes to mind of the styles worn by Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor: these sleek and refined shades radiate pure Hollywood glamour. Chosen by many for their sophistication, their appeal also lies in the fact that oval sunglasses suit a range of face shapes, and in particular square and triangular face shapes. 

Ranging in shape and size, styles include more rounded forms such as the Ray-Ban RB3547N to narrow, 90s style glasses which have been popular for models and musicians alike. Our selection covers the whole spectrum, from small lenses that have a distinctly 90s rave feel about them to deeper frames that are the epitome of elegance.

This softly curved frame helps juxtapose sharp facial features and if wearers pick a pair with detailed wingtips, they’ll bring balance to a stronger jawline. Not sure what kind of face shape you have? Head to our magazine to explore our editors' guide to picking the best sunglasses based on your face shape.