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Vogue VO5443 Eyeglasses W44 black - front view
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Vogue VO5443 Eyeglasses W656 dark havana - three-quarters view

An absolute eyewear must, cat-eye eyeglasses have been shaping optical design for 9 decades, and it looks like this style is set to continue. Although synonymous with 1950s style with their distinctly Mad Men feel about them, cat-eye glasses were first created in the 1930s. American filmmaker Altina Schinasi felt that optical lenses were lacking appealing frames for women, so she set about designing them herself. From the 1930s on they were made famous by the numerous stars that wore them: Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn - all pioneered the frame shape, and they were all idolized for their style. 

Nowadays, all eyewear designers, from the high-end fashion houses to small independent labels, put their twist on this classic to make sure it always feels current. Saint Laurent’s SL 244 model with its overly arched and pointed white frames and starkly contrasting black temples are the perfect example of this. It’s exactly this stretched element of cat-eye eyeglasses which makes them the perfect solution for wearers with a diamond face, as it will balance any roundness.