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Craftsmanship never goes out of style

Each pair of Barton Perreira eyeglasses takes weeks to refine before they are deemed ready for their new owners. This perfection to detail is something that is central to the brand.


Forever glasses
Barton Perreira opticals are designed to last a lifetime, with timeless silhouettes that never go out of fashion. The glasses themselves are made by the finest Japanese craftsmen, who have years of experience fine-tuning opticals until they are completely perfect. This is a stand against fast-fashion and an investment in artisan craftsmanship.


What sets them apart
An unbelievable amount of thought has been put into creating glasses that are comfortable, stylish, and of the highest level. Using only the finest, lightweight, Japanese titanium they are able to create glasses that have a weightless fit while also being incredibly durable. Artisans hand-paint accents using signature cloisonné and foil-printed technology, the processes being done meticulously to achieve a high gloss enamel finish and precise placement of patterns. Barton Perreira is committed to creating eyewear that is also environmentally conscious, sourcing plant-based acetates made of cotton and wood which are safer for the environment.


The roots
It is no accident that Barton Perreira is able to achieve the perfect balance of both versatile design and outstanding quality; founders Bill Barton and Patty Perreira have decades of combined experience in the industry. Perreira’s soulful and passionate designs have featured in Vera Wang, Prada, Miu Miu to name a few. Bill Barton instead began his career as an optician, learning the intricacies of the eyewear industry and the value of human connection, before becoming CEO of one of the biggest independent eyewear brands.

Since 2007 Barton Perreira has been committed to creating exemplary eyewear. To experience them is to believe it.