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Kuboraum H45 Eyeglasses GD gold - front view
Kuboraum H45 Eyeglasses GD gold - three-quarters view

Do you like to do things in unconventional ways? Irregular eyeglasses are the perfect choice for you. Hexagonal, rimless and undefinable shapes make up our collection of glasses that don’t fit into the usual eyewear boxes. These are glasses for people who like to think and look differently, and they want their eyewear to do this too. 

The bold shapes of irregular eyeglasses work perfectly for those with an oval face or proportioned features, the avant-garde styles are balanced by a symmetric frame front, so you know you can’t go wrong. Our team have carefully curated a collection of glasses that speak to a wide-range of inventive dressers, they include the Lesca Pica, a thick-rimmed, geometric style and a whole host of other frames from big-name brands to smaller independent labels. Are you ready to let your eyewear be the defining item in your wardrobe? These are the sorts of frames that are the centerpiece to any look.