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Emily in Paris Sunglasses Remind us to Play

Emily in Paris Sunglasses Remind us to Play

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Emily in Paris Sunglasses
January 24, 2023

Love it or hate it, Emily is back in Paris. Last month, Netflix released season three of the hit series, and just like previous years, this season quickly got the internet buzzing all over again.

Though some have pointed out the absurdity of the show -  mainly for the oversimplified depiction of French stereotypes, Emily’s (played by Lily Collins) unrealistic luxury lifestyle (a junior account executive routinely dresses in the latest looks straight off the runway) and overall fantasy of it all - there is something about the series’ pure cotton candy escapism that is so attractive. Especially when it comes to its wardrobe.

In this new season, the fashion in Emily in Paris continues to be every bit as polarizing as the titular character’s overplayed Americanness, but costume designer Marylin Fitoussi has heard the criticism, and doesn’t care. For Fitoussi, the story isn’t set in reality and neither does it need to be.

“You can call it tacky, you can call it different, you can call it whatever you want. It’s just the lesson of being yourself. Who is imposing the rules? Who decides (what) will be in or out? That you are in fashion or out of fashion? Obviously, I don’t pay attention to that.”
– Marylin Fitoussi, Elle Magazine

Working together with stylist Patricia Fields, Fitoussi crafted looks that don’t stick to the script of the traditional French cool girl. In fact, Emily in Paris colors very much outside the lines. Vibrancy and vivacity is highlighted in the many layered neon colors, contrasting patterns and textures that the protagonist clings to.

And yes, sometimes Emily does stick out like a sore thumb, but at the same time, I’m not sure if that’s always a bad thing. Sure, we might cringe when Emily gets herself into another easily avoidable drama or doubt some of her more outlandish styling choices, nevertheless, the show seems to beg the question, if fashion isn’t about taking risks and having fun while doing it, what's the point?

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Not only is the clothing a visual feast for the eyes, but the show loves its accessories too. Statement necklaces, retro headscarves and brightly woven bags can be seen in every episode - and then of course there are the sunglasses.

You know those shades you see but never have the guts to wear for yourself? Emily and her friends wear them. From Emily's outrageously oversized white sunglasses, to her pink shades from Miu Miu and Camille Razat's red sunglasses by Valentino, the show has it all. The best thing about it too? These frames encourage the same playfulness that the characters embody. 

Not sure how to incorporate popping red cat-eye sunglasses into your wardrobe? It doesn’t matter. In the world of Emily, anything goes. And the more daring, the better.

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