Welcoming Lunar Energy: Full Moon Rituals for Autumn

Welcoming Lunar Energy: Full Moon Rituals for Autumn

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Welcoming Lunar Energy: Full Moon Rituals for Autumn
Words by Mirabella Shahidullah
September 19, 2021

In astrology, the moon is the representation of the middle ground between lightness and darkness, the conscious and unconscious. Symbolizing our connection with our soul, the moon strengthens our instinctual nature and is often said to influence our capacity for reflection and adaptation. Spiritually, with each waxing phase our emotions intensify until they reach a peak under the full moon. With its unguarded energy, we may find ourselves delving into our emotions frequently and suddenly reigning them in becomes more difficult.

Though the full moon’s energy might have you dwelling on old wounds or regrets, remember that it also offers a time of forgiveness and renewal. Enacting moments of gratitude and acceptance is ideal in the days and weeks leading up to the full moon. In fact, practicing certain rituals under the light of the waxing moon has been an important deep-rooted tradition in several cultures. From ancient legends to communal ceremonies, moon worshiping remains an integral part of life for many people.

Whether you are a spiritual person or are merely curious about deepening your connection with lunar energy, we’ve rounded up rituals and observances you can add into your day. From dedicating more time in your day for self-care to spending moments with loved ones, here are our favorite ways to make this spiritual journey yours.


Decluttering spaces can be an emotional process, but one that reaps countless benefits. Studies have found that decluttering your houses leads to a positive environment and way of thinking about your space, lessening stress and chaos. Getting rid of unneeded things also leads to fewer distractions and less frustration, allowing you to think clearly, make better decisions and sleep more soundly at night.

If you feel too overwhelmed to start cleaning everything right away, take a beat and start with something small and manageable, like a drawer or a desk. Cleaning out these spaces will encourage you to continue, so you can eventually approach messier areas with more confidence.


“We are going to the moon, that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself.”
- Anaïs Nin

Sometimes, the most guarded dimensions to explore are internal, and lunar rituals welcome a time to take a break and nourish the mind and body through acts of compassion.

Aquatic rituals such as scented baths and saltwater swims can be a great way to promote moments of rebirth and renewal. If you’re short on time, taking even 5 minutes a day to practice meditation can also work to renew your mental and physical sphere.

Overall, it is all about relaxing and welcoming what is yet to come, even if that means going deeper. Instead of holding on to old feelings and attempting to judge every physical action or thought that passes through your head, simulate the ebb and flows of the lunar phases and try to accept your inner emotions.


Being around people we cherish and spending time together can be difficult with our differing schedules and responsibilities. Yet, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Before the full moon, you could organize a small ceremony with loved ones, share food, stories and experiences for a moment of intimacy and celebration.

While we may feel that staying silent about our passions and goals is a sign of maturity, the full moon welcomes a moment for you to share your dreams and inner feelings with those in your close social circle. On a full moon night, head outside with friends or family to immerse yourself under lunar light: called moon bathing, this action can help you welcome some of the moon’s emotional energy.


Writing and journaling is a perfect way to relieve your stress, deeper feelings and inner thoughts without fear of judgement. It is also a great way to promote creativity and connect with yourself. If you find starting on a blank page overwhelming, start with intentional prompts such as forgiveness lists, manifestations, dreams or affirmations.


If writing isn’t your thing, there are a multitude of ways to visualize your inner world artistically. Painting, drawing and sketching are ways to relieve pent-up emotions, picturing feelings you can’t often explain through words. Evoke your inner child and use a variety of colors and materials to your heart’s content. It can be a stimulating way to get outside your head and see things through a different perspective.


Remember, even simple and small-scale acts can connect us with lunar energy. Whether you follow all of these rituals or none at all, you can celebrate the full moon by simply taking moments of your day to lead with understanding, gratitude and acceptance.

Creative Direction: Daniela Vutera
Photography: Ignazio Marsolo

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