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Color Me Happy

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Color Me Happy
October 13, 2021

From rosy pinks to leafy greens and deep reds, colors we wear have been proven to benefit our emotions, performance and overall wellbeing. The great thing about color palettes is that they can work in two ways: instead of picking a shade to match our current state, we can also use them to inspire a new perspective.

A simple, yet effective way to boost your mood through colors is by selecting essentials like eyeglasses in aspirational tones. These frames, rendered in luminous acetates, bridge playful color combinations with everyday elegance. They are a great way to keep color in your life without having to change your whole wardrobe.

If You’re Seeking Tranquility, Go for Green

Symbolic of nature and our environment, green also subconsciously provokes growth within ourselves. Yet, this growth is often characterized by its subtle nature, perfect for those who are seeking stability and tranquility in changing times.

By selecting green-tinted frames like Persol PO3143V eyeglasses, you can charge every morning with a more balanced, centered feeling.

“Remember, green's your color. You are spring.”
– Gwendolyn Brooks

If You’re Embracing Optimism, Go for Pink

Lighter shades of pink radiate feelings of calm and optimism. Uplifting and illuminating, pink can also spark tenderness and caring, ideal for days when you want a softer approach.

Eye-catching and elevating, Chloé’s CC0003O eyeglasses characterize a light-hearted aesthetic in their pink nude acetate. Their semi-transparent hue also makes them extremely flattering for all skin tones.

“I adore pink; it’s very powerful.”
– Alessandro Michele

If You’re Searching for Sophistication, Go for Burgundy

Deep shades of burgundy accentuate a sophisticated vibe, enhancing motivation and ambition. Rendered in the perfect burgundy tint, Gucci GG0958O eyeglasses are defined by their architectural beauty and strong profile, for a look that radiates pure confidence.

If You’re Looking for Energy, Go for Champagne

Golden and bubbly like the drink itself, the color of champagne can help energize your spirit with its sun-kissed hues. Julius Tart AR eyeglasses in champagne do just that: with their semi-transparent acetate and gold accents, these frames leave a shimmering finish for brighter days.

“Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.”
– Paul Gauguin

If You’re Ready for New Beginnings, Go for Lilac

Like the flower, lilac hues symbolize renewal and delicate strength. Whether you’re looking for something entirely unexpected or simply interested in mixing it up, this tint evokes a stylish, yet understated touch.

Retrosuperfuture Drew Mama eyeglasses are the perfect example; rendered in a curved semi-transparent acetate, these lilac crystal shades add a playful accent without being too overpowering.

Creative Direction: Daniela Vutera
Photography: Ignazio Marsolo

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