Sunglasses to perfect your work capsule wardrobe

Sunglasses to perfect your work capsule wardrobe

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Fall work capsule wardrobe 2022
August 4, 2022

Heading back into the office after summer vacation is never the easiest transition. Not only does the familiar rush of getting back into things return, but it’s also the moment when our perfectly curated summer wardrobes suddenly don’t hold up like they did all season. But not all hope is lost. If you’re heading back into the office and lost on how to plan your workwear ensembles, an easy fix to your style headache is as simple as creating a capsule wardrobe with go-to shades.

What exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe consists of a smaller amount of edited pieces, including basic separates, unique items and high quality accessories that can be easily mixed and matched and be reworn without worry.

For capsule wardrobes, eyewear is a must have. Having a fool-proof pair of sunnies is essential to perfecting your capsule wardrobe for work. It’s more than just a fashion choice too: turns out hiding sleepy eyes behind a pair of tinted lenses makes the trek to the office a lot more stylish.

The simplest way to keep a capsule wardrobe fresh is to expertly choose sunglasses that have a timeless quality about them. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be classic, but staying away from short-lived trends will help keep your daily look polished.

Unsure how to start crafting your capsule wardrobe? Don’t overthink it. Following your individual taste is always a good place to start, which is why our editors have pinpointed four sunglasses that are sure to suit any kind of dresser.

Classic capsule wardrobe sunglasses

If your wardrobe is generally composed of shades of brown and neutral tones, you might consider yourself on the more classic side of style. Planning your capsule wardrobe around a color palette helps keep your looks linear and easy to complement with accessories in the same tones.

For classic dressers, we’d recommend square, cat-eye or oversized frames, brown tortoise hues and warm-toned lenses, and we’re loving these ones from Oliver Peoples. Their brown rims make them instantly flattering, while their wide black acetate arms highlight an unexpected yet chic contrast.

Minimalist capsule wardrobe shades

If you’re a minimalist dresser, you love a sleek look. And chances are, you’ve already started building your own minimalist style capsule wardrobe. Your closet is probably full of blacks and whites, and maybe a splash of color here and there for good measure. After all, just because you’re minimalist doesn’t mean you’re afraid to mix it up every now and then.

Considering that black sunglasses never go out of style however, Jacques Marie Mage signature Dealan shades are the winning ticket for you.

Boho capsule wardrobe sunglasses

Colorful capsule wardrobes exist too. From saturated tints to more pastel tones, maximalist dressers who don’t shy away from brighter shades on a daily basis will love these bordeaux-tinted Tom Ford sunglasses. Bohemian chic with their oversized lenses and warm gold-tone rims, it’s a match made in heaven for lovers of color.

Men’s capsule wardrobe sunglasses

Though menswear styles are just as varied as womenswear, popular capsule wardrobes for men usually contain a key pair of sharp sunglasses. This round frame from Gucci is the ideal choice for starting out. With their crafted havana acetate and green lenses, the frame evokes the perfect amount of vintage style, reminiscent of the unmistakably cool sunglasses of old Hollywood stars.

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