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Transcend trends with minimalist luxury 

High-end fashion with a simple luxury - this is the appeal of Prada eyeglasses. 


Eyewear to endure and adore

Like their fashion collections, fine Italian craftsmanship is integral to Prada glasses. Their eyewear uses soft-angle metal shapes with fine enamel finishes, to give off that touch of extravagance. Different collections cater to different personalities, united in their appreciation of culture: Ornate, is the luxury line made from the most precious of materials, Conceptual, is for artists looking for innovative and contemporary shapes, Heritage, is for vintage-lovers who want an item which embraces the brand’s past without compromising on modern innovation. 


The woman behind the empire

Miuccia Prada has helped shape the fashion world with her innovative approach and bohemian influences for over 40 years. Since inheriting Prada in 1978, she has been integral in taking the brand from a leather accessories brand to an all-encompassing global fashion house. She has been the focus of exhibitions at the Met, she has founded Fondazione Prada - a home for contemporary culture - and she invented the idea of ‘normal’ fashion giving it a luxe twist. 


Not just the devil wears Prada

Taking inspiration from the past and the present of movies and art, Prada doesn’t bow to trends; it rather sets them. Concept, structure, and image merge to create intellectual fashion, seeking new perspectives on classic styles. Clean lines and tonal colors are finished off with an edge of effortless opulance across all their designs. It applies conceptual thinking to make eyewear that is both functional and interesting. It plays with the past, the present, and the future. It makes tradition relevant through discovery and innovation. Create your narrative with a pair from their collections.