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All The Lifestyle Tips I Learned From Garrett Leight's Instagram

All The Lifestyle Tips I Learned From Garrett Leight's Instagram

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All The Lifestyle Tips I Learned From Garrett Leight's Instagram
October 19, 2023

Garrett Leight is both brand and man. The man is the son of Larry Leight, founder of Oliver Peoples, which if you think about it makes Garrett part of an ‘Eyewear Dynasty .’ The brand is an independent eyewear house operating out of Downtown Los Angeles, producing quality eyewear infused with California vibes.

With over a decade in the industry, Garrett Leight has managed to stay fresh. My question before writing this article was, how? I already had an inkling of an answer before I started research: Garrett Leight is appealing because it’s more about the lifestyle than pure product. A casual scroll on their Instagram confirms my theory.

As we move into a world where we crave more authentic connection from brands, it makes sense. So steeped in its own culture, Garrett Leight feels fresh because it’s real. The brand’s lifestyle coincides 100% with Garrett’s and his team.

Here’s our guide on how to live up to the Garrett Leight lifestyle.

1. Be Yourself, No Matter the Audience

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A post shared by Garrett Leight California Optical (@garrettleight)

On Instagram, you’ll find a collection of inspiration, from clips of Garrett Leight’s podcast to exclusive merch drops modeled (appropriately) on a dog, sandwich recs, to even family portraits. It’s not difficult to see how lifestyle is so central to everything Garrett Leight does and designs.

Whether they’re showcasing an exclusive collaboration or having a normal day in their Los Angeles studio, the Garrett Leight crew channels the West Coast’s laid-back spirit wherever they are. From glances into their trendy office style in their newsletter to Garrett Leight in Paris, the brand and the people who make it are unapologetically themselves.

There are no pretenses when it comes to Garrett Leight, and it’s a power stance that I’m looking to adopt.

2. Never Say No to Pizza (or Tacos)

The Garrett Leight Lifestyle is as versatile as their audience

The second lesson I learned was that eating comfort food is good for you. Who knew? Yes, we all know that food is fuel, but on the brand’s Instagram, you won’t see ‘trendy’ foods, and definitely won’t be spotting any influencer-backed celery juices. The team has a certain penchant for pizza and tacos (Garrett Leight’s personal Instagram handle is @tacotoyou, if you need further proof) and in a recent podcast he talked about his love for Taco Bell.

Why, you might ask, is this a worthy lesson? It’s simple: these are foods that are meant to be consumed socially. Pizza has always been my favorite food to share with friends and Garrett Leight seems to share my opinion, if his pizzeria recommendations in his newsletter’s monthly recaps are anything to go by.

Just as you would share a restaurant you loved with a friend or a family member, so does Garrett Leight with his followers. Food is meant to be enjoyed, just like life. The more people who are around for that, the better.

3. Look to the Past for Inspiration

Garrett Leight’s designs are heavily influenced by the past. In an interview with his father by V Magazine, Garrett and Larry confirmed the influence of vintage frames remains the true essence behind the Garrett Leight brand. As Larry Leight stressed, ‘We know our audience and our goal is to know what they want and expect next… We create inspirational and classic eyewear in a quiet luxurious way…’

The Instagram backs Larry’s words. Silhouettes are refreshed favorites of vintage styles. Even new season frames reintroduce signature releases in new colorways, just look at Garrett Leight’s Clune sunglasses.

Not only are vintage eyewear archives the main inspiration for the silhouettes, but so are old films. The more retro, the better. Case in point? ‘60s and ‘70s director eyewear styles inspired the new season Woz sunglasses.

Taking inspiration from the past is a worthy lesson, Garrett Leight reminds us, the wheel doesn’t always need to be reinvented, just refreshed.

4. Stay Active, The ‘80s Way

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A post shared by Garrett Leight California Optical (@garrettleight)

Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, scientific research has proven time and time again that staying active improves mental health. Garrett Leight seems to agree, but neither is he pushy about what kind of activity that entails. In a social media world of 5 AM wake-up calls to get in an extra hour alone at the gym, Garrett Leight offers a different perspective– sports are fun!

And in true Garrett fashion, that means being social. Social sports are the brand’s bread and butter. Think surfing, golfing, basketball, skating and even inviting your friends to your local ‘80s-inspired roller rink, which was the inspiration behind last year’s campaign.

It made me think of two things: should I propose new sports to do with my friends? Consequently, is it time to invest in a pair of roller skates?

5. Everyone Loves Authenticity

Authenticity is at the core of the brand

From collaborations with specialist designers to exclusive releases with niche artists, everything the brand does follows Garrett Leight’s genuine interest in the person behind the work. As Garrett said in a recent episode of his podcast, if he doesn’t know the people behind the brand, he feels skeptical, as personal connection is central to everything he does.

Such authenticity translates into the label’s popularity in celebrity circles, specifically off-duty looks. Notable fans of the brand include Andrew Garfield, Anne Hathaway, Joe Jonas and Kourtney Kardashian, that’s just to name a few.

It’s hardly surprising. After all, these frames aren’t designed to shock or show off. They seem to declare, ‘I know who I am, and I don’t need to hide it.’

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