How To Tell If Gucci Sunglasses Are Real

How To Tell If Gucci Sunglasses Are Real

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How To Tell If Your Gucci Sunglasses Are Real
November 30, 2023

Being one of the most popular luxury brands in the world means having to deal with the circulation of fake items. Just this month, Gucci cracked down on the fakes on the market; they sued three American retailers for selling fake items with the brand’s name.

Battling the fake industry isn’t only important for brand reputation, but also for shoppers: after all, you should be reassured that products are authentic when making a purchase.

As of today, the case is still ongoing. And though it focuses on the sale of fake Gucci bags, the counterfeit issue extends to every item that the brand sells — including sunglasses. To help with the cause, our eyewear experts take you on a step-by-step process on how to authenticate a pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Let’s start with the frame

First, we’ll take a look at the lenses. Authentic Gucci sunglasses will have a logo script detail. Ensure it’s embossed, and the lettering is printed and legible.

After the lenses, we’ll look at the frame’s external temples. The house has several iconic motifs, usually replicated along the temple point and arms. We pinpoint the six most popular ones below.

Checking Gucci logos

1. Gucci Running logo

First, we’ll look at the Gucci running logo. It refers to the repeating GG gold-tone temple monogram of these black acetate frames. The double G honours the house’s founder, Guccio Gucci, and pays homage to the house’s heritage story. The logo should be polished and completely secured to the frame. The letters should also be perfectly symmetrical, there are no mistakes here!

2. Interlocking G Logo and Gucci Blondie

Next, we’ll look at the beloved Interlocking G logo. It’s been present on the brand’s handbags since the beginning and was brought back into popularity during the Tom Ford years. Synonymous with the brand’s powerful elegance, the cut of the monogram is clear and connected.

Another iconic logo that you can spot on the brand’s sunglasses is the ‘70s-inspired GG Blondie cut-out, which is mirrored in the brand’s Blondie bag collection. It looks similar to the Interlocking logo, but the Blondie is different because the two Gs intersect and create a full circle.

4. Gucci Horsebit

Next, we’ll look at a pair of metal sunglasses with another one of the house’s calling cards: the Gucci horsebit. The horsebit is inspired by the house’s heritage: first designed in 1953, it pays homage to the brand’s original equestrian clientele. Due to its temple position, the horsebit isn’t always just decorative, so check that it's durable and secure.

5. Gucci Button logo

Inspired by the buttons on the brand’s jackets from the ‘80s, the Gucci Button has been refreshed on newer collection sunglasses. Showcasing a golden medallion with the Gucci Running monogram in the center, the coin-like logo showcases the brand’s love of reference. Make sure the button is thick with textured metal detailing and that the GG monogram is raised.

6. Gucci Web Ribbon

For the final one, we’ll look at the Gucci Web Ribbon. More of a motif than a logo, the tricolor ribbon was originally inspired by Italian horse saddles. Guccio Gucci was interested in the equestrian lifestyle and in the early days of the house, the house’s designs were heavily influenced by this passion. The green and red stripe accent is copied here along the arms of these sunglasses. Double-check that the colors are distinctive and have a polished finish.

Inside Arms

After the logos, we’ll look at the inside arms. On the inner arm of these acetate ones, you’ll see ‘A Made in Italy’ stamp and the CE seal, proving the frames follow European regulations.

On the opposite arm, you’ll see a series of letters and numbers, such as the model code, color code and measurements.

On this metal Gucci frame, you’ll find these details along the havana temple tips.
If the frames have adjustable nose pads like these metal ones, check the details: because there should be a logo there, too.

And now the packaging

Are all the frame details looking good? Let’s move on to the packaging. Unless your sunglasses are from a limited edition collection, you’ll receive them in a velvet case.

Packaging will feature one of 6 jewel-toned colors with complementing satin lining and a logo detail on the inside. The specific color is individually chosen by the brand and comes with a matching satin flannel pouch and an ivory microfiber cloth.

The official packaging will also contain an Authenticity Certificate Card and a Kering Eyewear booklet.

We’ll finish with a look at prices

Gucci sunglasses are one of the most popular designer choices, so if you find them under 150 euros, it’s worth a double check.

Making sure that the pricing makes sense will help you authenticate them better.

Where to buy authentic Gucci sunglasses

From wherever you decide to buy your Gucci sunglasses, we’d always recommend checking the authorization of resellers before making a purchase.

Remember: You can forgo the authenticity inspection altogether when you buy from official and trusted stockists like

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