Spring, Revitalized

Spring, Revitalized

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Spring, Revitalized
Words by Mirabella Shahidullah
May 3, 2021
After a year of uncertainty, spending time in nature continues to be a meditative measure, a moment to inspire and revitalize us for the season ahead.

With a fresh air of optimism, the chance to see, laugh and be with friends outside highlights ways in which we can move forward, marking a moment to refresh and rethink our approach to personal style and wellbeing.

Elevated Everyday Looks

For Spring, collections feel evocative of open doors, sunny days and windswept hair. The elevated status of casual wear has blurred the boundaries between luxury and everyday fashion, with runways showcasing styles that mix refined sophistication with casual details.

Eye-catching silhouettes match with unfussy features. Playful looks balance with tailored lines, emanating a contemporary, yet vintage-inspired aesthetic. Eyewear features tinted shades and bold contrasting frames for a youthful confidence, making vibrant sunglass styles a wardrobe statement for even the most minimalist of dressers. 

Selecting Sustainability

Nearing the height of Spring, now is the chance for city dwellers to escape the chaos and congestion of urban life for the serenity of nature. In the migration from our homes to the natural world, we realize how important it is to treat the outdoors responsibly.

Earth Day last month acted as a reminder of how simply daily habits can be transformed into less wasteful practices. To understand our own roles as individuals within a larger collective of responsibility, we must acknowledge that no choice is too insignificant. Even the style decisions and brands we shop at can make impactful steps towards a more appreciative lifestyle.

Contemporary and innovative designers are showing us how fashion and our environment can be two mutual forces of good. Sustainability is no longer an added bonus, but necessary for reframing the industry’s relationship with the natural world. 

Appreciating thoughtful design over immediate production, quality craftsmanship is a driving force for current collections. With their long history of hand-crafted designs, brands like Bottega Veneta and Lesca exhibit how both aesthetics and longevity are vital aspects to consider when choosing our next eyewear styles.

Soft Shades for Statement Looks

With collections becoming more environmentally conscious, color palettes are reflecting the hues of the world around us too. Welcoming an inviting mix between strong, earthy neutrals and joyful pastels

Thinking outside traditional color combinations, eyewear this season is accented with popping shades of sea blues, cinnamon browns and honey yellows, exhibiting that a statement pair of shades can be as vibrant or neutral as you want. With a flair for playful shapes and monochromatic tints, Stockholm brand CHIMI embodies this notion with elegantly bold styles that manage to capture an everyday lightness and versatility.  

By exploring connections, finding out what we like and appreciating the world around us on a grander scale, we become aware of the possibilities that await us in the months to come. 


Credits: women's tailored outfits by Simona La Torre

Creative Direction: Daniela Vutera
Photography: Ignazio Marsolo

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