Mia Burton’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The sunglasses we’re giving this year

Mia Burton’s Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The sunglasses we’re giving this year

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Mia Burton’s selection of sunglasses gifts for Christmas 2022
November 4, 2022

At Mia Burton we think in eyewear, so for us, gifting a pair of sunglasses to our loved ones for the holidays makes for a thoughtful choice. While giving eyewear for Christmas may be unconventional for some, this year why not shake it up with a more unique accessory. After all, sunglasses are used year round: think sunny snow days, hide-your-dark-circles days and days when you just need that extra cool touch.

Okay, sunglasses for Christmas, got it… but what kind of shades do I get? We understand, it’s undoubtedly easier to shop for yourself; for instance, while you may have Balenciaga’s light-up LED Frame shades at the top of your holiday wishlist (and we’re not disagreeing- what’s more Christmassy than flashing, multicolor lights?), chances are your grandma doesn't.

But don’t get ahead of yourself just yet; we’ve asked our team to share a few ideas on what kind of sunglasses they’ll be giving to a special person in their life this year. So whether you’re searching for a Christmas gift idea for her, your dad, or even a friend who literally has everything, you’re sure to find the perfect match with these hand-picked styles.

The sunglasses to give your significant other

Unique holiday gift idea for him: timeless sunglasses

For: Him, the sharp stylist
Gift idea by: Chiara, Data Entry Specialist

Luckily for me, my boyfriend and I have similar tastes when it comes to fashion. We both tend to go for tailored fits with a more classic slant, so shopping for Christmas gifts isn’t that difficult. He isn’t one for trends and likes accessories that go with all of his favorite outfits, so I always lean to more timeless brands when shopping for sunglasses for him.

My favorites right now are Oliver Peoples, specifically their square acetate sunglasses, maybe in a sleek black. Other brands I’ve been eyeing are Garrett Leight, especially their Ruskin sunglasses with green lenses and blonde tortoise bio acetate. And of course, I can’t forget about my love for the sunglasses in the Jacques Marie Mage x Yellowstone Forever collaboration: with their unique packaging and limited edition release, they make for a perfect christmas gift. At this point, I would say I really am a woman to marry.

Unique holiday gift idea for her: edgy sunglasses

For: Her, the fashion lover
Gift idea by: Francesco, Photo Editor & Content Creator

As a fashion lover, my wife has always had a soft spot for online shopping when it comes to not only clothing but accessories, including sunglasses and for when she’s driving, eyeglasses. She’s an architect and especially loves niche brands that pay attention to craftsmanship and artistry.

For Christmas this year, I’ve set my sights on a pair of Lesca sunglasses for her, whose new collections renew their signature Crown Panto shape with contemporary color combinations and pastel lenses. Other brands I know that would get her stamp of approval are definitely Kuboraum and Bottega Veneta, whose attention to detail is evident by their playful geometry and blended styles.

The sunglasses to give your friends

Unique holiday gift idea for your guy friends: sleek sunglasses

For: Your guy friend, the ‘90s kid
Gift idea by: Daniela, Creative Director

One of my friends is a straight up ‘90s kid, totally attentive to his style and always on the search for original, one-of-a-kind pieces. For Christmas I wouldn’t buy him clothing because he generally wears only vintage and secondhand clothes, but rectangular sunglasses would match his retro vibe.

Right now I adore the sleek rectangular options that feature chunkier acetate rims and tinted lenses from more indie eyewear labels with a vintage twist, like Retrosuperfuture, Jacques Marie Mage and Cutler and Gross.

Unique holiday gift idea for your female friends: retro sunglasses

For: Your girlfriend, the statement maker
Gift idea by: Michela, People Manager

My closest friend is the definition of extravagant, not only in terms of style but her personality too. Feminine, rebellious and with Mediterranean features, her wardrobe is full of warm colors with contrasting patterns and statement touches. To complement her eccentric style I’ve been loving the latest sunglass collections from Miu Miu and Chloé, which are full of color, and more unconventional shapes.

Since she’s a detail-oriented person, I’d go with a frame that has special features, like sunglasses with rhinestones and crystal embellishments or added accessories.

The sunglasses to give your parents

Unique holiday gift idea for mom: diva-esque sunglasses
Unique holiday gift idea for mom: sunglass chains, charms and accessories

For: Mom, the elegant diva
Gift idea by: Laura, Content Strategist

My mom is one of the most stylish women I know: her wardrobe is a colorful mix of styles and combinations, from more classic, tailored pieces to total maximalist looks. Every ensemble has to be accessorized and she tends to go for more signature cat-eyes to dramatic butterfly sunglasses.

This Christmas, I want to give her the ultimate classic piece: a pair of Saint Laurent sunglasses. Not only are they completely timeless and an investment choice, but they evoke the perfect diva-esque look. To make it even more special, I’d pair the frames with a maxi eyewear chain from Frame Chain, either one with pearls or crystals for a sparkling accent.

Unique holiday gift idea for dad: effortlessly cool sunglasses

For: Dad, the classic curator
Gift idea by: Ignazio, Photographer & Content Creator

I would describe my dad as a serious person, but when it comes to his style he chooses pieces with a casual vibe. Think a button-down shirt tucked into trousers, but no jacket, balanced proportions with a touch of elegance without being too stuffy. Mr. Leight’s vibe matches his look perfectly - a superb attention to quality for a piece that will last forever, but still works for the everyday. I’ve been really impressed with models from their latest collections, especially the Stahl S sunglasses and the Marmont II S sunglasses. My dad also wears eyeglasses so even a pair of frames with a matching sunglass clip-on would also be an ideal Christmas gift for him.

The sunglasses to give your grandparents

Unique holiday gift idea for grandma: all-black cat-eye sunglasses

For: Grandma & Grandpa, the glamour queen and the sartorialist specialist
Gift idea by: Claudia, Customer Care Manager

When I think about the best Christmas gift to give my grandma, I love thinking about accessories that complement her already classic style. My grandma has always had an eye for original pieces that aren’t constricted by trends, so I’ve been thinking that all-black cat-eye sunglasses would be the ideal match for her. I’m especially in love with the Oliver Peoples Rishell sunglasses, which are super flattering thanks to their softer lines and rounded edges.

Unique holiday gift idea for grandpa: classic sunglasses

Like my grandma, my grandpa also leans towards a classic look, so for him I’d go for an evergreen style. One that is wearable with any kind of outfit, in any kind of season, definitely a rounded frame with more neutral tones. Garrett Leight makes great timeless options; I especially love their Kinney sunglasses, which is one of their best-selling original silhouettes.

Made your choice? We’ll take care of the details.

The Mia Burton Care Kit is included in your sunglasses gifts for the holidays | Mia Burton

At Mia Burton, every pair of sunglasses is packaged with love in a sustainable box made of certified FSC paper and designed with a personal touch. Inside, we always include a complimentary Mia Burton Care Kit which contains a mini screwdriver, a microfiber cloth and a cleaning spray to keep the frames flawless. It’s the perfect complement to a holiday gift.

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