Why Maui Jim Sunglasses Are So Good

Why Maui Jim Sunglasses Are So Good

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Maui Jim Sunglasses: The Eyewear Label With Special Lenses
March 20, 2024

Back in 1987, a small shop called Maui Jim started selling sunglasses on Ka’anapali Beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. Almost four decades later, the brand has become a best-selling shade label, renowned for its lightweight yet durable design and innovative lens technology.

In 2022, the Maui Jim company became part of the Kering Eyewear group, which makes all the sunglasses in dedicated factories in Italy and Japan.

Despite its international growth, Maui Jim is still inspired by the beauty of its birthplace, releasing collections that speak to the heritage of Hawaiian nature and its people.

This just year Maui Jim released their first collaborative collection with Kering with actor Evan Mock as the ambassador for the new ‘Color You Can Feel’ campaign. The campaign showcases the beauty of Maui Jim’s birthplace and takes viewers on a sensory journey of the origins.

Giving back: The Maui Strong Fund

The campaign also touches on a personal note for the brand. During the tragic 2023 Hawaiian wildfires, the town of Lahaina was burned, leaving widespread damage and displaced residents. Maui Jim started in Lahaina and still supports its community, giving back consistently to its origins, especially after such a tragedy.

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This is why 10% of select sunglass sales go to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund. This includes frames worn by Evan Mock in the campaign and includes 10% of the wholesale price of sunglasses that have been sold by authorized Maui Jim retailers, such as miaburton.com.

Not only is this a brand with a mission, but Maui Jim makes sunglasses that excel in both quality and performance. With advanced polarized lenses, they provide visual clarity while reducing glare and eyestrain, making Maui Jim the best sunglass choice for those who need to seamlessly transition from everyday wear to outdoor activities.

Maui Jim Sunglasses: The perks of polarized lenses

Maui Jim is specifically known for their innovative lens technology. Throughout the years, the brand has patented several lens features such as the PolarizedPlus2® lens , its MauiGradient® mirror layer, and its color formula.

Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2® lenses

All Maui Jim shades are fitted with the brand’s high-precision PolarizedPlus2® lenses, which allow them to block horizontal glare easily and effectively.

Maui Jim’s Mirrored lenses

Lenses are also made with a bi-gradient mirror which is applied to the top and bottom lens. This allows light to be adjusted from both angles, making vision clearer and reducing squint.

Other lenses have the brand’s MauiGradient® an alternative to the bi-gradient mirror, which showcases a darker layer on the top that gradiently gets lighter to the bottom.

More Maui Jim lens features

Maui Jim Lenses are anti-reflective and made with the idea that sunglasses should protect your eye health without dampening the beauty of nature. For example, the brand has engineered color-enhancing features in the lenses with a patented formula that improves red, green and blue waves.

Other benefits of the brand’s PolarizedPlus2® lenses include 100% UV elimination. This has earned them the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation. Lenses are also highly protected: they are scratch-resistant as well as water and oil-proof.

Maui Jim: Perfect sport sunglasses

With all their patented lens technology, Maui Jim sunglasses are an ideal choice for those who love outdoor sports, especially when the sun is shining bright. The brand’s shades have been specially designed for a wide range of outdoor activities. For example the Huelo sunglasses are great for golfing, while the Local Kine sunglasses are a favorite amongst fishermen.

Where can I buy Maui Jim Sunglasses?

You can purchase Maui Jim from trusted retailers that have partnered directly with Kering Eyewear. Making sure they are authorized resellers will help you from buying fakes. Miaburton.com is a direct reseller of Kering Eyewear brands, including Maui Jim. We work directly with the distributor to ensure top-quality products, new season inventory and authenticity.

Please note: We don’t currently ship Maui Jim to the United States.

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