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Timeless style created by Japanese artisans

There’s luxury and then there is DITA sunglasses. Going above and beyond, to create absolute eyewear perfection is the essence of the DITA brand. These glasses are made for culture and design lovers, people who reject hyper-consumerism in favor of the art of craftsmanship, and wearers who want to incorporate discreet luxury into their looks. 


Months in the making

It takes months to perfect the concept for each DITA frame. Blending artisan techniques with advanced technology processes, the company bridges classic design aesthetics with unparalleled approaches. They believe in creating enduring eyewear from working relationships that are built to last as well. Since 1999 each pair of DITA glasses has been made in Japan with some of the country’s most highly-regarded artisans. In 2018 the brand opened its own production arm in the country, as a sign of its commitment to quality and to ensure that only the highest standards are achieved. This is a rebellion against mass production and consumerism and a pledge to artistic legacy. 


Unparalleled vision

This craftsmanship is evident in each pair of glasses. The sunglasses use 100% UVA and UVB protection lenses with an anti-reflective coating, screw-mounted lenses, adjustable titanium nose pads with diamond pressed detail, and oversized titanium hinge plates. Anti-reflective coating also reduces the glare on the back of lenses and an additional chemical hard coat is used to increase scratch resistance and improve cleaning and durability. These details give wearers a vision like no other. 


The bold and the beautiful

Strong shapes for powerful glasses; choose from a range of models that draw inspiration from film-stars, the world of motor car racing, and vintage eyewear design. Titanium sculpted frames with a winged shape have been modeled on contemporary architecture; blue mirror aviators are dedicated to the bravery of fighter pilots and made from muscular, modern materials. Choose from tones including golds, silvers, and tortoiseshell for eternal elegance. 


This is a discreet luxury which ranges from bold character frames to new interpretations of timeless shapes.